Asking Good And Bad Questions

These days, my friends talk about their ideas. I try to listen to each word carefully and I directly try to ask some difficult questions on that topic. Asking a good question is important for thinking differently. I observed two different people group behaves in difficult questions. One of the groups run away from the question and another one appropriate the question. In my opinion, running away people group doesn’t have a plan to achieve difficulties because they just think and work in ideal cases, they have no idea about when things don’t go their way. Another group that thinks successfully is standing behind their idea. They think in their topic as all. Never mind, this topic is about asking questions.

I read and researched some sources for How to ask a good question. The main idea is listening and understanding. When you understand the topic, you can ask anything. Understanding opens some creative doors because your brain automatically compares the subject with your knowledge. Then, the creative ideas come directly. Sometimes, these ideas have positive, sometimes negative behavior. For example, If I talk about my mobile application idea on a health topic, you can improve or diminish my view. But, If I talk about an idea that is just a specific subject in my area, you may not ask or say something on but you can think differently. And these differences improve you and the person you are talking to. If you enforce to ask a question, you may automatically learn some topics easily.

How to understand question quality. I think It has a very quick way to understand it is a good or bad question. If you ask one question and you discuss upper than 30 45 minutes on one question, it may be a good question. One of the question types is open-ended and another one is close-ended. You should avoid the close-ended questions if you want to be a good questioner. This is because the answers are the same, just yes, no, or one word. On the other hand, open-ended questions bring much more information like examples, information. Let’s give some examples.

They are monotonous, right?. If you are not a talkative person you directly say yes, no, good, etc. Let’s give some examples of open-ended questions.

It is more candid, I think. Because now, you are interested in a person’s idea, not a specific object. If you want a good questioner, you should listen, read and search for good questions. These examples are a very basic example for understanding all. I just want one thing to say, thinking different is the best sword of people, it’s up to you to use.

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